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Offering tongue tie and breastfeeding

support and advice in the Surrey area

Some babies with tongue ties can breastfeed perfectly. Others have difficulty breastfeeding and a few have difficulty bottle-feeding.

For breastfeeding babies, the difficulty is because the tongue tie prevents the baby from attaching efficiently to the breast (failing to latch on). This is due to a combination of the baby not opening its mouth widely, the tethered, short tongue not covering the lower gum, and the disordered movements of the tethered tongue when sucking. The inefficient attachment to the nipple (poor latch) doesn't remove milk from the breast properly and isn't easy to maintain. So, the baby slips off the breast, chomps on the nipple with both gums and then slips off completely. As a result, the baby isn't breastfeeding, but nipple feeding, which is inefficient and can be excruciatingly painful for the mother.

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"I visited Feeding First to have my first son's tongue tie treated. I had no hesitation in returning to see them when I discovered my second son had a tongue tie and was fortunate that I could be seen very quickly after his birth. I found them to be professional and very supportive with my breastfeeding and would highly recommend them."